Common Household Bugs That May Infest Your Home Before You Know It – Part 2

Household Bugs That Our Pest Control Service Can Help You Eliminate

As we promised last week, in this post we will continue listing some of the most common household bugs that can be eliminated with the help of our professional pest control service team.
Fleas. They are wingless, microscopic pests which have a hard black flattened body. What makes them hard to catch and kill is their ability to jump extremely fast. They love biting people and the results are itchy tiny red spots which are easily irritated. They breed extremely fast and can quickly turn into a real nuisance because once they find a host, they are not likely to leave soon. They are tapeworm and disease transmitters, so if you notice their presence around your home, you should immediately call an exterminator.
Earwigs. These are small black or dark brown insects with a forceps-like tail appendage. They can infest your garden because they feed on vegetation and are not very bad for your home’s interior. They pinch only if attacked and that does not hurt nor pose any hazards for humans.
Ticks. Ticks are black insects that like to attach to pests and suck blood until they engorge their bodies. They do not only get their blood meals from animals but can also stick to humans. They transmit serious diseases, which makes them very hazardous. If you notice signs of their infestation, hurry up to book a pest control service with Hawaii Pest Solutions. We can help all homeowners based in Honolulu, HI.

All you need to do in order to reserve an extermination appointment is call us at (808) 479-3294. Our specialists will be pleased to give you detailed information about the pesticides that we work with as well as our typical extermination methods!